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Study Easy methods to Do Dancer Pose (Video Tutorial)


Dancer Pose is a gorgeous and iconic yoga pose that may problem each your physique and thoughts. This highly effective pose requires a particular mix of stability, flexibility and power. You’ll really feel each invigorated and grounded after working towards Dancer Pose.

Whereas on this pose, you’ll actively attain and press each ahead and again. This juxtaposed motion creates rigidity within the physique which helps to elongate the backbone, open the chest, and set up stability.

Dancer Pose requires stability, flexibility and power. You’ll really feel freedom and groundedness.

Though this pose seems swish and exquisite in its fullest expression, it’s possible you’ll really feel something however as you study the pose. Falling out of the pose isn’t unusual, even for skilled yoga practitioners.

So, don’t be stunned if you end up dancing round your mat as you attempt to discover your stability. As with all yoga postures, creating an ideal form isn’t the objective, what issues is the method and expertise.


Dancer Pose at a Look

Sanskrit Title: Natarajasana
Pronunciation: nuh-tuh-raa-jaa-suh-nuh
Targets the Physique: Standing backbending posture that challenges stability and focus
Muscle Teams Concerned: Ankles, Legs, Hip flexors, Back and front physique core, Chest, Shoulders
Nuances: Gripping of the ankle from both inside or outdoors, Lifting chest up excessive or balancing with it parallel to floor like in Warrior 3 Pose

Right here’s Easy methods to Entry Dancer Pose:

  • Begin in Mountain Pose (Tadasana) going through the entrance of your mat
  • Carry your left hand to your hip
  • Shift your weight into your left foot, urgent down evenly into the 4 corners of your foot whereas lifting gently by means of the arch
  • As soon as you might be balanced in your left foot, bend your proper leg bringing your proper heel in direction of your glute
  • Conserving your hips sq. to the entrance of the mat, attain again together with your proper hand
  • Seize the within of your proper ankle or foot, together with your thumb going through in direction of the ceiling
  • Set up your Drishti (gaze) at a set level in entrance of you about eye degree
  • Discover your stability right here earlier than shifting on
  • Attain your left arm up in direction of the ceiling together with your palm going through ahead
  • Inhale and lengthen by means of your physique from the heel of your left foot to the tip of your left fingers
  • Along with your exhale, press your proper foot into your hand as you carry your foot up and again
  • Your chest will naturally decrease as you carry your leg additional up behind you
  • Carry up by means of your chest and broaden throughout your collarbones
  • Your proper hip will carry as you come into the pose; work to maintain your hips as whilst attainable and pointing to the entrance of the mat
  • Examine in your standing leg to be sure to aren’t hyperextending by means of the knee. If you happen to discover you might be, put a small bend in your left leg
  • Stabilize by grounding down by means of your standing leg, whereas lifting up together with your chest and thru your proper leg
  • If you need, you may transfer your gaze to your left fingertips
  • Take a number of full inhales and exhales whereas within the pose, discover a bit extra size and carry with every inhale
  • To return out of the pose, carry up your chest as you decrease your proper leg, gently launch your foot or ankle and return to Mountain Pose

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Pose Advantages:

This pose is a serious physique strengthener. The ankles, knees, legs and again physique core are all toned throughout this pose. Whereas these areas are strengthened, the entrance of the physique, together with the chest, core, shoulders and hip flexors, are stretched and lengthened.

Dancer’s Pose is a posh standing posture. Along with the bodily advantages, it helps to extend focus and focus. With repeated apply it should assist to construct total stability each on and off the mat. All of those advantages work collectively to construct full physique coordination.

As soon as within the pose you’ll really feel a way of freedom and openness paired with grounding and power. With all these advantages, it’s no surprise why this pose is a standard favourite asana (yoga pose).


As a result of difficult nature of Dancer Pose there are some things to pay attention to earlier than attempting it. If in case you have a spinal, foot or ankle harm, this pose might place an excessive amount of pressure on these areas. Seek the advice of together with your physician earlier than attempting this pose for any of these circumstances.

If you happen to’re having any kind of internal ear or balancing challenges, this pose will not be the only option. Stick to an easier pose like Tree Pose till your stability feels again to regular, or strive modifying with a wall or chair for assist so that you don’t fall.


Easy methods to Modify Dancer Pose:

There are a number of simple methods to switch this pose. If you end up wobbling by means of your foot or ankle, strive stepping off your mat, notably when you have a thick one. Standing on a tough floor will assist floor and construct the pose on a strong basis.

For yoga practitioners with tight shoulders, reaching for the within of the again foot or ankle might create discomfort. Regulate by grabbing the skin as an alternative.

If you happen to’re struggling to keep up stability, discover a wall or chair to assist you. Face the wall and place your left hand on the wall to provide you one thing to press into. Or place a chair subsequent to you and relaxation your hand on the again of the chair for assist.

If reaching on your ankle locations an excessive amount of stress in your shoulder, knee or decrease again, then use a yoga strap/belt to help. To get into the pose with a yoga strap:

  • Safe the yoga strap round your proper ankle earlier than discovering Mountain Pose
  • As you bend your proper foot in direction of your glute place the lengthy finish of your strap over your proper shoulder for simple entry
  • As a substitute of reaching again on your proper ankle, seize the strap at any place that feels sustainable but nonetheless provides you entrance physique opening
  • Proceed to carry onto the strap as you carry the remainder of the best way into Dancer’s Pose

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A typical variation of Dancer Pose includes the peak and orientation of the higher physique. On this variation you hinge on the hip joint of your standing leg and decrease your chest till it’s parallel to the ground, like in Warrior 3 (Virabhadrasana III). Then as you prolong into the pose your foot will come overhead.

This modifications the aesthetics, however not the operate or advantages of the pose. Strive each variations, it’s possible you’ll discover stability simpler on one than the opposite.

Remaining Data and Ideas for Dancer Pose:

Dristi is so necessary for this pose! In case your eyes begin to wander, your physique will too. Set a mushy however decided gaze to keep up stability on this pose.

Though you would possibly consider this as a balancing pose, it’s additionally a robust backbend. Use all of your backbending instruments to maintain your backbone protected and wholesome on this pose. Preserve size alongside the complete backbone to maintain compression out of the decrease again and use your core to assist the backbend.

The pose is known as after Nataraja, one of many embodiments of Shiva in Hindu mythology. Referred to as Dancer Pose, the total translation is Lord or King of the Dance. On this type, Nataraja represents the cycle of cosmic dance that creates and destroys life and ages.

For the total story behind Nataraja learn The Symbolic Story Behind How Natarajasana (Dancer Pose) Received Its Title

Just like the ages created and destroyed by Nataraja, our lives are full of patterns and cycles. A few of these are useful, and a few dangerous. Dancer Pose reminds us that none are everlasting and that with effort we will destroy the destructive previous cycles to create one thing new and higher. The creation of one thing new in your life would possibly simply lead you to bounce with pleasure!

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