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Self Myofascial Launch Strategies Utilizing Therapeutic massage Balls


Self-Myofascial Launch Strategies Utilizing Therapeutic massage Balls: Your Information to Self-Therapeutic massage

If you happen to’ve clicked your option to this text, chances are high you’re looking out to assuage aches and pains, achieve vary of movement in your joints, improve efficiency in your sports activities actions or weekend hobbies, or search medication-free methods to enhance your emotional resilience.

This text offers you with step-by-step video instruction to get you in your option to changing into a self-care professional utilizing self myofascial therapeutic massage methods with a wide range of Remedy Balls. On the finish of this text there are a sequence of movies that can have you ever down on the bottom (or on the wall) feeling the rapid advantages of this work and these instruments, however first, it is going to be useful to dive into some necessary fundamentals.


Self-massage (SMFR) relieves aches and pains, enhances respiratory, reduces stress and improves your posture and efficiency. To grasp the way it works, you will need to first perceive that the physique is made up of a number of layers of connective tissue (fascia) that weaves and winds its approach round each a part of your physique’s elements, connecting (and separating) you from head to toe. If you happen to’d wish to study extra about fascia, we advocate studying our January article Understanding Fascia and the Advantages of Myofascial Launch for an in-depth have a look at this unimaginable residing seam system (it will get a little bit technical, however you’ll come out the opposite aspect feeling extremely educated on the significance of fascia to your day by day life, actions and well being).

“A fascia is a sheath, a sheet, or every other dissectible aggregations of connective tissue that kinds beneath the pores and skin to connect, enclose, and separate muscle groups and different inside organs.”

Therapeutic massage Balls enhance the slide and glide between the fascial layers which interprets into ease of motion, launch of pressure, and discount of discomfort. The grippy texture of our therapeutic massage remedy balls work by gently locking into all of the tissue layers, from the floor of the pores and skin, to the spongy superficial fascia beneath, and additional inside in the direction of deep fascia. Because the balls roll alongside the pores and skin, they create huge shear that heats, calms, and elongates not solely the focused tissues however the related tissues as properly.



When working along with your physique’s tissues, take into accout “It doesn’t have to harm to work.” Our tissues are smooth and infrequently underneath an incredible quantity of pressure. Going ‘all out’ to realize rest can depart you sore and bruised the next day, precisely the alternative of what you’re attempting to realize. 

Analysis reveals that the physique’s tissues reply higher to a smooth device that lightly entices your muscle groups into rest. More durable instruments have a tendency to change on the flight or struggle response leading to muscle bracing (contracting) to guard themselves towards a menace. (1) 


There are a myriad of self therapeutic massage instruments obtainable, working the gamut in shapes, sizes and textures, from foam rollers to wood balls and every part in between. With so many decisions, it may be overwhelming deciding which device is best for you.

Our therapeutic massage remedy balls have a compressible internal core, surrounded by pure latex rubber and uniquely designed to seize the pores and skin for optimum shear. They’ve sufficient give to roll over and round bony prominences, just like the shoulder blades, backbone and sacrum, but are agency sufficient to burrow deep into a number of muscle layers. The YTU® Remedy Balls present strain very similar to a therapeutic massage therapist’s thumb working deep into the tissues. The Remedy Ball PLUS  are barely bigger in diameter so that they cowl extra floor space and plunge into tissues with the accuracy of an elbow. Experiment and discover with all sizes to seek out the best match.


New Remedy Balls can really feel agency. An effective way to develop their squish and seize texture is to first break them in underneath your ft earlier than rolling the remainder of your physique. Place them underneath your ft and roll, scrunch and press down.  Your ft will thanks and the balls will likely be properly on their option to growing a smooth suede-like grippy exterior.


All of us understand ache in another way in our our bodies.  Listed below are some key issues to concentrate on when starting an SMFR apply. 

Massage Balls: It doesn't have to hurt to work.


It may be troublesome to tell apart between ache and sensation. These are some indicators that you just is likely to be shifting in the direction of ‘dangerous’ ache and will look to switch utilizing a number of of the methods beneath.  

  • Clenching jaws or palms 
  • Quick or shallow respiratory
  • Stress in the whole physique
  • Tingling, burning or numbness

Self-Therapeutic massage (SMFR) will almost certainly be accompanied with some sensation, particularly in case you’re new to rolling. Ideally, you need to keep away from ache alerts (above) however you may get interested by ‘tolerable discomfort,’ exploring your fringe of sensation with out tipping over into anguish. Listed below are some methods to know you’re shifting in the best path.

  • A sense of light fluidity or warmth within the tissues being rolled 
  • An total feeling of rest 
  • Much less ache all through your complete physique
  • Deeper breath with much less effort
  • Entire physique pressure dissolves 


Whereas  rolling is nice for the general physique, there are some areas you positively need to keep away from. 

Areas on the body to avoid rolling with massage therapy balls.

  • Inguinal ligament – connective tissue within the entrance of your pelvis
  • Xiphoid course of – decrease a part of the sternum fabricated from cartilage  
  • Throat/ Trachea
  • Median nerve close to your carpal tunnel aka underside of your wrist
  • Coccyx (tailbone)
  • Sciatic Nerve – massive nerve working out of your low again, via hips and buttocks and down the leg

Therapeutic massage Ball Video Tutorials

These fast Self-Myofascial Launch (SMFR) methods offer you a style of full physique self therapeutic massage. You may start with the standing sequences or go on to the world of want. In these movies, Jill primarily makes use of the YTU® Remedy Balls for causes defined above, however in case you don’t have these instruments you can begin your SMFR apply with a tennis ball.

Ft Ahead: Therapeutic massage Ball Strategies for Ft

There are 26 bones and 33 joints in every of your ft!  Your ft are your basis. As with all construction, the bottom is crucial half. Deal with your ft as a result of they actually take you in all places, and “fascially talking,” result in actually each different space of your physique. Rolling your ft impacts all physique areas “above.”

  • Place toted Remedy Balls on the bottom
  • Press into the balls along with your ft and start to roll toe to heel and again. Change sides
  • Take away the balls from the tote and place one ball underneath the middle of the foot, within the internal arch
  • Begin to sway the foot backwards and forwards, mobilizing the ankle as you cross fiber the muscle groups beneath
  • Roll the remedy ball to the toe mounds aka the ball of the foot and repeat the movement above, rolling the ball back and forth
  • Change sides and repeat

Hand Assist: Therapeutic massage Ball Strategies for Palms

Nearly every part is at your fingertips. With only a few keystrokes you’ll be able to entry something, talk with anybody and even have time to your favourite app. With all of the typing and texting, this method is a should do to launch the unknown pressure in palms and fingertips. Much like your ft, there’s a very vital “upline” impact out of your palms to your wrists, elbows, shoulders neck, and even your jaw and cranium. 

  • Place the ball on the fleshy a part of your thumb 
  • Pin the ball down onto a chair, desk or desktop
  • Place your different hand on high so as to add strain, breathe and press into the thumb
  • Start to pivot your hand over the ball “such as you’re squeezing orange juice”
  • Transfer the ball between the thumb and index finger and to the ‘thumb splits’, urgent down into the ball for a pleasant stretch
  • Roll the ball underneath your hand, such as you’re ‘kneading bread’
  • Change sides

Shoulder Boulders Begone: Therapeutic massage Ball Strategies for Tense Shoulders

Driving, texting, speaking, stress, and fixed pc use can result in muscle stiffness and ache. This pressure can result in complications, backaches, jaw stiffness, eye pressure and bother concentrating. As a result of your physique is intimately related from head to toe, rolling the muscle groups of the higher again and shoulders could have an instantaneous impact in your neck and face. Focusing on one among these areas, spreads pleasure to the remaining. As we wish to say “Work regionally, act gloBALLy”.

  • Lay in your again, with knees bent and place both the YTU Remedy Balls or Remedy Ball Plus within the higher trapezius (precisely the place you desire a buddy to seize and therapeutic massage out the kinks)
  • Elevate your hips up in the direction of the ceiling 
    • TOO MUCH? Modify by taking the balls to the wall and do that routine one aspect at a time
  • Elevate your arms up over your head and in the direction of the ground
  • Shift and shimmy your ribcage and arms back and forth – play with motion
  • Breathe – your breath is your barometer
  • Go sluggish for the win

Glutes and Glory: Therapeutic massage Ball Strategies for Hips & Glutes

Lately we sit at our desks or drive for hours on finish. After we stand up from our chair or out of the automobile, we nonetheless carry that ‘seat form’ with us. This sequence will get you re-acquainted along with your posterior, get up these sleepy glutes, and get you ready to your subsequent exercise.  Your glutes are your principal conductor for pushing you ahead via area, they’re your jet pack and have to have correct and constant blood circulation, stimulation and motion.

  • Lay on the ground and place a toted pair of remedy balls on the aspect of the hip and let it burrow its approach into the flesh – respiratory deeply will facilitate this
  • Let  the balls slowly transfer from the aspect of the hip to in the direction of the sacrum, reset and repeat
  • Contract and calm down with breath. Inhale, maintain the breath, squeeze the glute whereas pushing your knee into the bottom, exhale and launch fully
  • Transfer the balls in in the direction of the sacrum and repeat contract/ calm down
  • Change sides and repeat sluggish roll and contract/ calm down

Low Again Love: Therapeutic massage Ball Strategies for Low Again

In response to the American Chiropractic Affiliation (2), again ache is the one main reason behind incapacity on the planet and most instances usually are not the results of a severe situation. Do that method day by day to keep at bay again ache attributable to extreme sitting, power poor respiratory habits, or repetitive motion stressors similar to lifting incorrectly, that can assist you ease discomfort and hold you shifting properly.

  • Lay on the ground or stand on the wall, place a toted pair of remedy ball within the low again flesh between the ribcage and pelvis
  • Slowly roll up and down
  • Lay on the ground barely leaning to at least one aspect
  • Place the toted remedy balls in order that one is supporting the aspect physique and the opposite is nuzzling into the low again 
  • Take 3-5 deep breaths into the waist, enveloping the balls
  • Contract/ calm down into the balls – suppose mini aspect bend as you exhale, open and increase as you inhale
  • Shift your self back and forth, like a rocking movement
  • Change sides

Finest Neck Ever: Therapeutic massage Ball Strategies for Stiff Neck

Stiff neck and shoulders may be attributable to excessive stress and plenty of hours looking at a pc display screen or wanting down at your cellphone. This self-massage routine is the proper option to press the reset button to downregulate your nervous system and wind down after an extended day or to set your self up for a superb evening’s sleep.

  • Lay on the ground with a toted pair of remedy balls
  • Place the toted balls on the base of our cranium and on high of a block
  • Flex and prolong your neck, making a nodding movement
  • Create a passive nodding movement by utilizing your ft to push and pull your physique
  • Slowly flip your head back and forth
  • Relaxation on one aspect and make tiny circles along with your nostril
  • Change sides

Bonus Transfer: The Shock On Your Aspect 

One option to sooth low again discomfort and spasm is to launch the aspect physique. The obliques share an attachment with the low again, and are chargeable for aspect bending and twisting and stabilization. Again tissues can turn out to be drained and weak from an excessive amount of sitting, standing and lack of numerous motion. This could result in again spasms and basic discomfort. Focusing on the obliques will assist calm and stretch deep into the low again. This unimaginable bonus transfer is ideal together with Rolling 101 for Low Again or may be performed by itself. 

  • Place Coregeous Ball within the smooth tissue area between the pelvis and the rib cage
    • You need to use a rolled up blanket or small ornamental pillow
  • Lay over the ball utilizing your palms as a pillow
  • Inhale and maintain the breath, activate the muscle groups by drawing the waist muscle groups in in the direction of the midline or stomach button 
  • Exhale and calm down the physique. Repeat 2-5 occasions
  • Make small actions along with your torso like a teeter totter over the ball to therapeutic massage the activated muscle groups
  • Inhale, maintain, activate the muscle groups in the direction of in the direction of the midline
  • Exhale and squeeze your pelvis in the direction of your rib cage and your rib cage in the direction of your pelvis such as you’re attempting to pop air out of the ball. Repeat 3 occasions. 
  • Change sides

Whereas this sequence offers a superb basis for a head-to-toe self-massage routine, in case you’re concerned about studying extra methods and sequences for body-specific areas decide up a replica of The Roll Mannequin: A Step-by-Step Information to Erase Ache, Enhance Mobility, and Reside Higher In Your Physique by Jill Miller.  The Roll Mannequin Guide offers over 100 therapeutic massage ball strikes with further methods to equip your self to create your personal rollouts.


If you happen to expertise any ‘dangerous’ ache or discover you want ease off the strain, attempt one among these modifications 

Massage Therapy Ball Modifications

  • Go to the wall
  • Use two remedy balls within the tote
  • Use a bigger measurement remedy ball
  • Think about using the Coregeous Ball if the smaller strong remedy balls illicit an excessive amount of sensation
  • Place the ball on a blanket, couch or mattress to soak up among the strain
  • Transfer the ball above, beneath or to the aspect of a hypersensitive space
  • Pores and skin Roll by inserting any measurement remedy ball on uncovered pores and skin and utilizing a lightweight contact, spin and collect up the tissues till you’re feeling a nice pinch 
  • Contract and calm down the muscle you’re rolling to assist the muscle and its surrounding tissues soften
  • Breathe. Your breath is your information. Modify till you’ll be able to breathe totally
  • Keep hydrated – drink fluids continuously as you’ll with any type of bodywork


These movies are simply the tip of the iceberg. Now that you just’ve had a style of self-massage and these straightforward self-myofascial launch methods, right here’ are a number of nice subsequent steps: 

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Finish Notes

  1. Kim Y, Hong Y, Park HS. 2019. A smooth therapeutic massage device is advantageous for compressing deep smooth tissue with low muscle pressure: Therapeutic proof for self-myofascial launch.
  2. “Again Ache Info and Statistics.” American Chiropractic Affiliation At this time, Accessed 01 Could 2020.


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