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Sarasrara: The Crown Chakra and Common Consciousness


Observe with Rachel (Sat Siri) on Wanderlust TV: her new collection, Root to Rise: Journey By the Chakras which additionally features a companion collection of free 10-minute self-reflection & journaling lessons.  The 7-part Kundalini Yoga collection, in addition to pattern the 1000’s of yoga, meditation and motion lessons on WLTV, is obtainable to you with a free 14-day WLTV trial, granting entry to an enormous library which incorporates dozens of Kundalini lessons from Rachel Dougherty.

You are supposed to really feel good. You are supposed to dwell because the woke up, embodied, complete model of you! Balancing the chakra system actually helps us come alive once more, in all areas and elements of our lives, which is why I devised Root to Rise.

The seven chakras within the physique are symbolized by the petals of a lotus flower. The whole opening of all of the petals achieves an awakening and stability of physique, thoughts, and spirit. The sahasrara chakra (the seventh and last chakra) is the chakra that prompts this divine common power.

The Sanskrit phrase, Sahasrara, means ‘thousand’ or ‘infinite’. The sahasrara chakra is situated on the prime of the top and is also called the crown chakra. It’s the place the place our particular person consciousness merges with the common consciousness.
It creates a robust reference to the supreme self, and is believed to affect mind capabilities equivalent to reminiscence, intelligence, and sharp focus.

A Balanced Crown Chakra (Sahasrasa)

WLTV Sat Siri 7th chakraIt’s stated that when the seventh chakra prompts, it brings a extra constructive outlook on life. When in stability, it brings non secular understanding, a way of acutely aware connection and deep peace. When this chakra is unbalanced, nonetheless, we could expertise disillusionment, disconnection, and restlessness.

I used to be teaching a girl final yr who felt like she had misplaced connection along with her highest self, or with a bigger presence. She didn’t imagine in God, or a minimum of our conventional understanding of Him. However she felt like she had misplaced reference to the common intelligence, out of contact with grace and with synchronicity. She defined it was like dropping the style for all times: she felt listless, disconnected, distracted, and alone. Even when she was round folks, together with family members, she felt really alone.

We labored collectively on meditations that work on the seventh chakra, with the third eye centered on the prime of the top. She began a apply of aura sweeps, 54 occasions a day, and that helped her quite a bit. She dedicated to doing the meditation and aura sweeps each morning for 40 days, and with that devoted apply, she really grew to become a modified individual. It was so stunning to see her come alive once more: to witness her get her spark again, and see the sunshine in her eyes as soon as once more.

She stated it felt like she had had a heavy cloak over her head and eyes, and it had been lifted. She began to divulge heart’s contents to synchronicity once more, and will really feel grace round her, particularly when she hiked in nature, or when she took time to watch youngsters and infants. She felt hope for the long run as soon as once more.

She was proof that by means of consciousness, effort and apply, we are able to really come alive once more—even when life had felt so dim, darkish and hopeless, beforehand.

Methods to Steadiness the Crown Chakra

Should you’ve been working towards alongside in my Wanderlust TV collection, this last session is the frosting on the cake! The crown chakra apply is a good one for awakening and grounding the seventh chakra power. Observe the crown chakra class, after which head over to the free 10-minute journaling & self-reflection session:

WLTV Sat Siri Journaling Crown Chakra

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Rachel Dougherty (Sat Siri) is a trailblazing, subsequent technology, Kundalini Yoga instructor and coach. She travels the world educating Kundalini Yoga in locations like Bali, Maui, Mexico and India. She has been working towards Yoga and Meditation for over twenty years and educating Kundalini Yoga for fourteen. She practiced Iyengar Yoga, Vipassana Meditation, and lots of different modalities earlier than discovering Kundalini Yoga. A former ballet dancer with the Australian Ballet, Rachel discovered ballet meditation in movement, a artistic expression that renewed her perspective with every step, flip or leap.

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