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Kundalini Snake: The That means and Energy of Serpent in Kundalini Yoga


When you consider a snake, you might typically have a tendency to consider it with a unfavourable connotation. Toxic, deceitful, evil, harmful, horrifying, and crafty are a few of the phrases which will come to your thoughts.

Nonetheless, the snake can be thought of a logo of transformation and life drive. 

The seriousness and significance of a snake might be understood from the truth that it’s appreciated to an innate vitality contained in the human physique i.e. Kundalini shakti.

All through the yogic research, you might need seen many illustrations projecting kundalini as a rising snake on the backbone. 

However have you learnt why the snake has been promoted because the image of kundalini vitality?

Learn on and discover out the which means behind the kundalini snake.

What precisely does Kundalini imply?

In Sanskrit, kundalini has been derived from the phrase “kundal” which suggests round or coiled form earring jewelry.

One other which means of Kundalini is derived from the basis phrase “Kunda” which means “a deeper place, pit or cavity”. Kunda is a sq. pit used to kindle and comprise the fireplace within the ceremony of initiation; normally seen in rituals in India. The snake’s pit can be referred to as kunda the place it rests sitting in coiled. Kunda refers back to the concave cavity through which the mind, resembling a coiled and sleeping serpent, nestles.

Kundalini is the identify given to the Hindu Goddess Shakti/Durga.

In Hinduism and tantric ideas, kundalini is the type of divine female vitality that resides within the base of the backbone. Extra importantly, it’s the type of Goddess Shakti, who represents energy, drive, and power.

The kundalini was adopted in Hatha Yoga within the fifteenth century.

Eknath Easwaran, who’s an Indian religious trainer, creator, translator, and interpreter of the holy texts Bhagwad Gita and Upanishads used the time period “coiled energy” to depict the true essence of kundalini.

Kundalini, by way of our our bodies, is the primordial very important vitality that rests resting on the base of our spines. This very important vitality is unleashed by way of a set of practices termed Kundalini Yoga which includes using mantras, mudras, physique actions, and breathwork. 

The relevance of snake in Indian tradition

Since kundalini is the idea taken from Hinduism, with the intention to know the which means behind kundalini snake, it’s vital to know snake relevance in indian tradition.

The snake, as harmful trying and fearful as it’s, holds a ton of significance in a number of cultures, particularly in India. Virtually each temple has a snake depiction, the Hindu god Shiva has a snake coiled round his neck, one other Hindu god Lord Vishnu sleeps on a mattress of coiled snakes, and even a Hindu pageant is devoted to the snake referred to as “Naag Panchami”.

Additionally it is believed that when celestial beings entered our world, they’d enter within the type of a snake.

In Hinduism, a snake is revered as a divinity that stands for eternity and materials existence, life and dying, and time and timelessness. It represents creation, preservation, and annihilation, the three processes that make up the universe.

Furthermore, resulting from snake act of shedding its pores and skin, it’s also noticed as an outline of rebirth, dying, and mortality.

Lastly, in yogic traditions, the snake represents the kundalini vitality that sits within the base of the backbone and when woke up offers a mystical expertise with nice vitality flowing all through the physique.

The serpent spirit has lengthy been a sacred determine in many various religions and religious traditions, standing for all times, well being, and rebirth. 

What does Kundalini snake symbolize?

Wanting on the relevance of the snake and its constructive meanings, it’s no shock that the highly effective drive of kundalini vitality can be depicted as a coiled snake.

When a snake is coiled it’s in its resting section, mendacity in a dormant state and preserving its vitality. However when the snake rises from its placid state, it exhibits its true energy and power.

Equally, the kundalini vitality lies dormant on the base of the backbone or extra particularly within the Muladhara chakra. If you carry out varied actions of kundalini yoga and meditation, you gas kundalini serpent energy which leads to the vitality rising by all of the chakras. And that’s referred to as Kundalini awakening.

The illustration of kundalini as a serpent additionally depends on the next traits:

  • The kundalini lies on the base of the backbone, ready to be woke up on the proper time and unleash its hidden powers, similar to a snake that’s coiled and saving its vitality to strike on the proper time.
  • When the kundalini rises, it goes by all 6 chakras positioned within the backbone to achieve its remaining vacation spot of the seventh chakra on the prime of the top, i.e., Sahasrara Chakra. That is the place Shakti (kundalini) meets Shiva and union of Shiva and shakti occurs. This motion is indicative of the slithering motion of the snake on the bottom.
  • The rise of kundalini can convey a few transformation within the bodily, psychological and religious aircraft of an individual which has similarities to the snake shedding and renewing its pores and skin.

Three and one half coils of Kundalini serpent

In many of the illustrations of the Kundalini shakti, you will note kundalini serpent at its origin (in root chakra) is coiled upon itself three and one half instances. Three and one half – is a novel quantity you may additionally have noticed within the image of OM. Sure, this variety of coils is intentional.

It’s value mentioning that the kundalini snake sits coiled three and a half instances at its pit in root chakra. This quantity have the next which means:

  • Three coils of kundalini snake symbolize 3 states of consciousness – Waking / Aware, Dreaming / Unconscious, and Deep Sleep / Unconscious. The half coil is the upper consciousness, which every yogi goals to realize.
  • The quantity 3 can even imply the time –  previous, current, and future whereas the half is the transcendence of time.
  • One other depiction of the kundalini snake sitting in three and half coil; is that three coils symbolize the three Gunas of Prakriti: Sattva, Rajas and Tamas, and the half represents the Vikritis, the modification of Prakriti.

Evidently, the kundalini snake stands for the ability, power, creativity, functionality, information, and different hidden skills and energies hidden inside us.

What occurs when the kundalini serpent rises?

The occasion of the kundalini serpent rising is named the kundalini awakening. And essentially the most attention-grabbing a part of this awakening is that you’ll by no means know when this awakening may occur. 

You may expertise it the second you begin your follow, after a number of days, possibly a few weeks later but it surely may additionally take months, years, and even your complete lifetime.

The timeline of the kundalini awakening is actually unknown because it typically relies on the particular person and his experiences.

This isn’t to say that there isn’t a methodology by which the kundalini serpent can’t rise.

You possibly can carry out kundalini yoga kriyas and kundalini poses, which is designed to concentrate on this vitality.

The kundalini serpent is claimed to rise from the Muladhara chakra, move by the central Nadi, the Sushumna, after which ascend to the highest of the top. 

A deep alteration of consciousness is assumed to happen as Kundalini progresses by the varied chakras, bringing about various levels of enlightenment and mysticism till it finally reaches the Sahasrara or crown chakra on the prime of the top.

Because the kundalini serpent rises, it additionally cleanses and unblocks our chakras to convey them to a state of steadiness.

Bodily, emotional, and psychological sensations together with perspiration, nausea, and heightened vitality are frequent in the course of the path of Kundalini awakening because it strikes up the backbone.

When all of the chakras are opened, it establishes a free move of vitality within the physique. It is just then, that you would be able to attain the ultimate stage of enlightenment.

Nonetheless, utmost warning needs to be taken to correct the kundalini serpent rising. The kundalini serpent can be triggered resulting from an unlucky occasion. In case your physique is just not prepared, it may be essentially the most disagreeable expertise you might need in your life. It will possibly result in immense bodily, emotional, and psychological stress, often known as Kundalini Syndrome.

Subsequently, if you’re vying for the kundalini serpent to rise, it is best to all the time search skilled steerage.

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From Indian to Egyptian and Greek, the snake has been represented as a type of God, transformation, and mysticism. Kundalini snake is seen as a illustration of life drive vitality, in religious rituals all around the world, whether or not it’s consuming its tail, wrapped over a crucifix, or worn as a pendant. 


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