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Dr. Debbie Ozment makes SIBO Yogurt


Right here is practical Oklahoma dentist (a uncommon breed!) and media persona Dr. Debbie Ozment’s model of my SIBO Yogurt (or what Dr. Ozment calls “Tremendous Intestine Yogurt,” which I believe is a greater identify).

She places a novel spin on making it with a modified methodology however will get it proper with spectacular outcomes. Recall that the SIBO Yogurt incorporates a microbe with a number of essential properties:

  1. Colonization of the small gut—This, in spite of everything, is the place SIBO happens. It signifies that fecal microbes like E. coli, Klebsiella, and Enterococcus have ascended up from the colon and brought up residence within the abdomen, duodenum, jejunum, and ileum the place they don’t belong. The widespread lack of keystone species akin to L. reuteri on account of over-exposure to antibiotics and different components is probably going an enormous a part of the rationale that explains why SIBO is now an enormous nationwide epidemic.
  2. Manufacturing of bacteriocins—Bacteriocins are pure antibiotics produced by micro organism. The BNR17 pressure of Lactobacillus gasseri produces as much as 7 bacteriocins efficient in killing lots of the species of SIBO. Likewise, L. reuteri produces as much as 4 bacteriocins, whereas Bacillus coagulans GBI-30,6086 produces a single, although very efficient, bacteriocin.
  3. Elevated launch of oxytocin—Experimental proof means that L. reuteri causes elevated launch of the hormone oxytocin from the hypothalamus that, in flip, yields results that embody elevated dermal collagen, elevated muscle mass, preservation of bone density, elevated libido, and acceleration of therapeutic.
  4. Decreased endotoxemia—The discount of fecal microbes within the small gut signifies that endotoxemia, i.e., the entry of bacterial breakdown merchandise like endotoxin into the bloodstream, is lowered. This interprets into quite a few well being advantages together with lowered insulin resistance, lowered fatty liver, lowered blood sugar and blood stress, improved temper, lowered potential for melancholy, lowered threat for kind 2 diabetes and coronary heart illness and lots of different helpful results. Recall that the small gut is ill-equipped to take care of overgrowth of fecal microbes, because it has an easier-to-penetrate single-layer mucus barrier, not like the two-layer mucus barrier within the colon that’s well-suited to accommodate fecal microbes.

These usually are not simply curiosities, however genuinely life- and health-changing results. Mix efforts to eradicate SIBO and thereby endotoxemia with wheat/grain and sugar elimination and addressing the frequent nutrient deficiencies that plague trendy individuals (magnesium, iodine, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin D) and you’ve got been given the important thing to magnificent well being and youthfulness.

I remorse calling it “SIBO Yogurt,” because it means that it is just helpful for the few weeks of effort to eradicate SIBO. I now consider that it’s one thing we should always eat chronically, maybe a serving each 2-4 days, simply to maintain populating your GI tract with these species. In future, as we higher perceive the way to encourage microbes to take up long-term, even everlasting, residence, maybe we are able to simply eat it for a number of days after which benefit from the presence of those microbes for the remainder of our lives. However, probably on account of our lack of knowledge of microbial “guilds” or “consortia,” i.e., communities of microbes that “collaborate” and assist maintain one another, consuming the microbes of SIBO Yogurt yields colonization for not more than a few weeks. So, till our understanding of those phenomena advances, push again your SIBO with SIBO Yogurt, then proceed to eat occasionally to forestall the all-too-common recurrences.

By the best way, Dr. Debbie Ozment produces a podcast, Vitality Made Easy, through which she delivers many informative nuggets of recommendation given her in depth understanding of oral well being, the oral microbiome, and their surprising and substantial affect on total well being.


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