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Can Delivery Altitude Have an effect on Biking Efficiency?


It’s a typical trope in sport science that athletes ought to select their dad and mom correctly, because of the significance of genetics in figuring out final athletic capability. So as to add to that imaginary want checklist, ought to we make sure that we’re born at excessive altitude?


The Advantages of Altitude

In case you have any curiosity in mountaineering, the phrase Sherpa has a robust connotation of extreme-altitude mountaineers with virtually legendary work capability at altitude. Their work as porters, route setters, and guides have been instrumental in almost each Himalayan expedition over the previous century plus.

In endurance sports activities, the function of genetics and in addition altitude is a key curiosity. This may be seen within the dominance of east Africans from excessive altitudes in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Eritrea on distance working. And because the 80s and the Colombian invasion of Europe and the Tour de France, led by Lucho Herrera, the excessive altitudes of the Andes has been posited as a part of their dominance at any time when the highway tilts upwards.

Scientifically, we all know that there are clear adaptive adjustments when lowland natives spend time at altitude, and that’s your complete premise of the intensive altitude camps undertaken by high professionals. These sometimes embrace a rise in whole hemoglobin mass, adjustments in lactate buffering capability, and enhancements in biking economic system.

Up The place We Belong

However what, if any, are the advantages from being born at excessive altitudes or spending your key early growth years at altitude? This was the main focus of an article learning Colombian cyclists throughout a spread of talents (Garzon et al. 2022). Their working speculation was that these born at an altitude >2,000 m could be each within the lab and in addition over their careers. How did they research this query?

  • 80 male Colombian highway cyclists, 17-22 years outdated, had been recruited. These included U23 world-class degree (WC, n=8), U23 nationwide degree (N23, n=41), and junior nationwide degree (J, n=31).
  • The cyclists had been additionally categorized in response to their birthplace and the place they grew till age 18: low altitude (<800 m), average altitude (800-2,000 m), and excessive altitude (>2,000 m). Total, 54% had been within the excessive altitude class.
  • A graded maximal check was completed at 2,570 m, with 10 min warmup at 100 W. Beginning wattage was at 120 W, with 30 min steps each 3 minutes till exhaustion. VO2max was circuitously measured, however estimated as a operate of peak energy output and physique weight.
  • Testing occurred over the interval of 2007-2016 as a part of nationwide expertise identification, so sufficient time has elapsed since to see how their careers developed. Particularly, the authors studied whether or not the excessive altitude group had been disproportionately represented as Grand Tour riders in comparison with low and average altitude teams.

Attempt to be born in Colombia

On a Pure Excessive

Earlier than we have a look at the outcomes, do not forget that quite a lot of luck and non-physiological components go into an athlete’s final growth, development, and success. So simply having a excessive VO2max doesn’t assure you a professional contract, not to mention a journey in a Grand Tour. Additionally, whereas the 80 members is sort of excessive for a typical sport science research, these 80 don’t symbolize the entire many Colombian cyclists coming by means of the system throughout this time interval. What had been the findings?

  • Not surprisingly, PPO and subsequently estimated VO2max (physique weight was largely similar) had been greater within the WC riders in comparison with N23 and J riders.
  • Low-altitude riders had decrease PPO/VO2max than both moderate- or high-altitude riders, with no distinction between average and excessive altitudes.
  • All 8 of the WC riders ultimately rode no less than one Grand Tour. As well as, 4 of the examined juniors rode a GT, with three of them born at excessive and one born at low altitude.
  • So total, of the 12 riders from 80 who rode in a GT, 10 had been born and lived at >2,000 m, and 1 every got here from average and low altitudes. Keep in mind that excessive altitude natives represented 54% of the general 80, so there was a big skewing in the direction of excessive altitude natives. Additionally, 7/8 of the WC riders had been high-altitude natives, suggesting that altitude could have contributed to their greater degree of growth in comparison with their similarly-aged N23 friends.


Other than selecting our dad and mom and our beginning/growth altitude correctly, there’s nothing straight that we are able to take from this research into our personal coaching sadly. Nevertheless, assuming that the genetic pool was pretty homogenous inside this group of Colombian athletes, it does add to the physique of proof that it’s not simply genetics, however the expression of those genetics on account of environmental stress (of hypoxia on this case) throughout the essential growth years that contribute to long-term growth.

This has analogies to scientific medication, the place proof is accumulating that variations in setting (socioeconomic, vitamin, second hand smoke, hostile childhood occasions) throughout early childhood can have main long-term penalties in maturity on cardiovascular well being and different well being outcomes.

Have enjoyable and journey quick!

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Garzon M, Leguizamo J, Saldarriaga F, et al (2022) Does Altitude of Delivery Affect the Efficiency of Nationwide- to Elite-Degree Colombian Cyclists? Worldwide Journal of Sports activities Physiology and Efficiency 17:1756–1759. https://doi.org/10.1123/ijspp.2022-0245


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